The Best Exercises for Your Weightlifting Routine

You decide it’s time to update your weightlifting routine, so you spend oodles of time pouring over magazines and online resources to find the “best” exercises. You find a few exercises that look new and cool and they promise to sculpt those areas you want. So you start your new workouts and love them – for awhile. Until you realize your butt still looks the same and you’re not even breaking a sweat anymore. The problem with using random exercises in {Read More…}

Smart Training Strategies for Muscle Definition

For most of us, getting ripped is about having noticeable muscle definition and a lean, athletic physique, not looking like a bodybuilder. I call this body sculpting and I’ve been working on it for years. While weight training can definitely get you there, clean eating is also a must. Maybe you’re already lean and just don’t have a lot of muscle yet. Or you have muscle but it’s under a layer of fat. Regardless, let’s assume having a lean physique {Read More…}

3 Ways to Maximize Your Strength Workouts

I often hear people say they want to “maximize” their strength-training workouts. The translation of this statement is usually “my workouts aren’t giving me what I want.” If this is you, you’re smart to think you should be doing something differently to build muscle or lose fat. But what is that “something?” You can improve your workouts – and your body composition– by changing an almost endless array of variables. Here are just three ways to start seeing better progress immediately. Avoid Ineffective {Read More…}

Increase Your Push ups

In the New Year, I challenge you to up the ante with your pushups! Being good at pushups is a worthy goal that deserves some of your time because they build a sculpted, strong upper body. But more importantly, being able to do pushups on your toes – or more difficult full pushups – makes you feel good about yourself. It means you worked towards something important, followed through, and achieved it. Pushups primarily use your pectorals, triceps, and anterior {Read More…}

Weightlifting Ideas to Pump Excitement into Your Recovery Week

Ever since I started periodizing my training, I’ve had to grapple with entire weeks of backing off the weights. As those who lift smartly know, you can’t go hard every single day. There need to be lighter intensity weeks cycled in so that your joints can recover from the stress of hard training. I went hard nonstop for years because I hate backing off the weights. Having to lift lighter during my usual routine makes it very hard for me {Read More…}

The How-to Guide for Pull ups (Guest Video) by @leanmusclematt

Pull-ups are one of those exercises that everyone wants to do but few can. Why? Because pull-ups require a lot of upper-body strength and are best worked up to using small steps. So I was excited when my friend and fellow fitoholic Lean Muscle Matt created this how-to video on how to rock them. Check out his tips – and let me know how you’re doing! Matt is a Certified Public Accountant and blogging fitness freak. After starting his fitness {Read More…}