Fun Run to Launch New Balance Fresh Foam 980

Many of my clients love running, so I’m excited about the New Balance Fresh Foam 980 running shoe launching this week! This shoe provides a completely NEW approach to neutral running by combining ultra-plush cushioning with a reduced drop heel, offering a super soft, bouncy ride. It’s not only the technology, but the design of the Fresh Foam 980 that makes them really special. I think you will fall in love with the unique spray paint finish – super cool! Here are the deets: {Read More…}

Are HIIT Workouts Superior to Steady-State Cardio?

Is  high-intensity interval training (HIIT) really the answer to weight loss and improved cardiorespiratory health? In the last few years, HIIT workouts have become the “go-to” cardio.  Word on the street is that if you’re not doing interval training, you’re training inefficiently. HIIT typically means circuit training, metabolic resistance training, or simply work/recovery intervals on a cardio machine. It’s currently the “hot” method of losing weight and increasing V02 max. I am not against HIIT at all, but I do think it’s important to look {Read More…}

Your 12-Week Fitness Plan for Less Fat and More Muscle

Spring is upon us! It’s exciting to consider the fitness goals you could accomplish in the 12 or so weeks until summer. Just think: in 12 weeks you could: – Lose 10 to 12 pounds (or 3 percent body fat) – Gain muscle definition in your arms, legs, chest, or butt The secret is to have a fitness plan, so take a look at how you can spend the next 12 weeks accomplishing these goals. Your 12-Week Plan Can you {Read More…}

The Benefits of Intervals and Interval Timers

Congrats to April Sorrow (@AprilS_2010), the winner of the giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered. Now that you’re thinking about intervals, let’s see how you can use them to achieve your goals! _____________________ For people wanting to lose weight and/or increase stamina while retaining muscle, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) really does live up to its promises. It’s a proven way to (1) increase your metabolic rate, (2) torch the same number of calories in much less time than conventional cardio, and {Read More…}

Using HIIT for Weight Loss, Endurance & Strength

I frequently mention HIIT – high-intensity interval training – on Facebook and Twitter because it’s my get-it-done cardio method. I get bored doing long bouts on the elliptical and HIIT makes the time go fast. Not only can I burn calories but I feel energetic for hours after HIIT and have seen my aerobic endurance increase. And just as with weightlifting, you need to vary your cardio workouts to continue seeing results. If you use the same speed, for same {Read More…}

Common Weight-Lifting and Cardio Questions Answered

Figuring out how to meet your fitness goals can be confusing, given all the opinions out there. Here I’ve answered some common questions about getting to your goals. Strength Training Can I lift weights and do cardio on  the same day? Which should I do first? If possible, do cardio and weight lifting on separate days so that you have enough energy for each workout. If you can’t, try doing them at opposite ends of the day to ensure that {Read More…}