A Day in the Gym: Back Day

Chin ups

By the time I walk into the gym I’ve already been anticipating getting my heart rate up, gripping the iron, and feeling my body come alive. I’m pumped for some crazy gym love. And I know my approach and goals. On this particular day I’m training my favorite muscle group – back. Earlier in the day I’d asked my Twitter community what it is about back day that feels so crazy good. I heard, “It feels powerful.” “You can go {Read More…}

Getting Real About Your Biceps

Warm weather’s approaching – ready for overexposure? It’s time to get real about your arms. I’ve backed off on my biceps on and off the past few months due to an achy elbow. Not only that, but biceps are my least favorite muscle group to train – so there’s been a little slacking off too. But now that I’m feeling better, there are no more excuses. I want them to be bigger (of course). I decided that I needed to make {Read More…}

Workout Swap #2: High-Intensity Weights Routine

oblique crunch2cr

I love mixing up my weight training routine and rarely ever do the same exact thing twice. I make small tweaks, such as the grip, the amount of weight, or the order of the exercises, and I constantly change up the exercises themselves. I also mix it up by using techniques such as negatives, supersets, and drop sets. I’ve seen incredible results from weight training – not only do I feel strong and energetic, but I’ve seen great muscle definition {Read More…}

New Biceps Routine

Great  biceps workout tonight using Oxygen Magazine’s biceps routine (August 2010 issue). I love shaking it up and I’m sure to notice some soreness tomorrow. I also threw in an old favorite of mine, hammer curls. If you need to see videos on these exercises check out www.muscleandstrength.com/exercises/main.html. Do each exercise for 12 repetitions and three sets. Use enough weight so that you have trouble completing the final rep with proper form. V-bar cable curl – Attach a v-shaped bar {Read More…}