Abs Just Part of What was Missing

Today I’m totally at peace with my world. My quest for defined abs has less importance – is this due to more solid self-acceptance? Although clean eating, exercise, and water consumption help stave off water retention, it’s still difficult to see your abs unless you have less than 14% body fat (according to Oxygen magazine). For myself, I would look like a skeleton at this body fat level; I’m just not willing to do it. So the question becomes: Is it {Read More…}

Opening Yourself Up to Balance

A confounding, frustrating, and wonderful thing about our bodies and minds is that they gravitate towards balance. Our bodies need to be in a state of ease at least some of the time, and things like prolonged negative emotions and overtraining place us in an unbalanced, unnatural condition. Sometimes we recognize the imbalance and try to fix it; many other times we ignore it. And once in awhile, the mind – or body – leads us towards balance unconsciously. This {Read More…}

The Subtle, Unexpected Lessons of Belly Dancing

As someone whose nirvana is chasing after a muscular, healthy body – my own, that is – I was slightly aghast during my first belly dancing lesson when my instructor, wearing a sports bra, let her stomach hang out. Not only that, but she instructed us to do the same. “No!” was my first thought, which felt almost instinctual, and I may have even said it aloud. I didn’t believe she was actually serious – no one in their right mind {Read More…}

Belly Dancing a New Twist on Workout

I was a little nervous about my first belly dancing lesson last night. Would I be the only new student? Would the instructor laugh at me? Would I even be able to make those jangles jingle? I was arriving early as instructed, but I wasn’t sure if it was to fill out forms or…? The building, located in the old downtown area of the our city, was unmarked except for a sign for a “dispensary.” Now, if you don’t live in {Read More…}