Authoritative Voices vs. Doing it Your Way


The fitness industry has plenty of science to back up its recommendations, but there are still “to infinity and beyond” ways to get results. That’s one thing that makes weight lifting great fun, but it also means there are a lot of voices – saying rather authoritatively – that you should lift weights this way or that. I have even heard a few people saying that you should not spend a lot of time lifting weights – you should spend your time {Read More…}

A Killer Full-Body Workout Using Only Your Body Weight

If we’ve connected on Twitter or Facebook you may have heard me talk recently about attending a workshop through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I’m studying to be a certified personal trainer and fully acknowledge that I’m also turning into a certified Fitness Know-It-All. My family, who I was visiting during the class, can attest to this as I put them through fitness assessments and evaluated them relentlessly while there. In any case, I get such insane satisfaction {Read More…}

Finding Your Balance in the Weight Room


How balanced are you? I confronted this question last week when I took a cross-country skiing lesson. While learning the kick and glide technique, which requires you to balance on one foot while moving fairly fast, it became apparent that you need a good amount of balance for this sport. On one hand, I was impressed that I had any balance at all; on the other hand, I decided I can use even more. Not only is stabilization needed for {Read More…}

Abs Just Part of What was Missing


Today I’m totally at peace with my world. My quest for defined abs has less importance – is this due to more solid self-acceptance? Although clean eating, exercise, and water consumption help stave off water retention, it’s still difficult to see your abs unless you have less than 14% body fat (according to Oxygen magazine). For myself, I would look like a skeleton at this body fat level; I’m just not willing to do it. So the question becomes: Is it {Read More…}