How to Use the Power Rack for Budding Badasses

How to use the power rack for budding badasses

You’re getting after it in the gym and seeing those muscles starting to pop up. You’re getting stronger, too. Good stuff! At this point you might be starting to eye that long-azz barbell in your gym, the one found in the power rack cage and bench press station. You want to be doin’ it, but you’re still a little shy. Something inside you knows you can handle that mofo if you just knew how… or could overcome your intimidation. If this is {Read More…}

Friday Roundup: A Client’s Journey to Muscle Definition

Shauna changed her thinking and started losing weight

This week I received an insightful, honest account from one of my online training clients about how she’s changed her mindset to start losing body fat. Shauna wants to lose 3.5 percent body fat and be in the best shape of her life by next spring. She’s already lost over one percent body fat in the last few weeks! As you can see from her progress pictures, Shauna can now see muscle definition in her abs and is looking hot! Shauna’s Goals {Read More…}

A Workout You Can Do Anywhere and 65 Tips!

Workoutnirvana's free workout and tips

I just finished a new, free download for you that I’m seriously proud of. Why? Because I believe you will truly benefit from these 65 weightlifting, clean eating, and body love tips and the customizable “Do-Anywhere” workout. (To download, just enter your name and email in the box on the Home page or the bottom of this post.) Do-Anywhere Workout The workout I’ve created for you includes 19 photos and detailed descriptions of the exercises to get you going quickly. This {Read More…}

Of Self-Doubt and Forging Ahead (and Happy 3rd Blogiversary)

Workout Nirvana

If you’re looking for positives about getting older, you may not see them until you’re actually there. I knew I was suffering badly during my 20′s, but it’s only now that I can look back and see how far I’ve come. I was a late bloomer; I didn’t develop true self-confidence until after I had my daughter and returned to strength training. My wiser, broader perspective made me realize that  comparing myself to others is a losing game. While competing can be {Read More…}

Defeating the No-Time Excuse: How to Exercise in Small Chunks of Time

Exercise courtesy LisaHumes

When you ask someone how much time they really have to work out each week, they often say anywhere from six to eight hours. I know – this sounds like a lot. And when it comes to a strength training program, you wouldn’t want to train that often anyway. So it’s important to look realistically at how often you can train: that is, the amount of time you actually will train. You say you can work out starting at 5 {Read More…}

Looking Great Naked: Interview with JC Deen of JCDFitness


I’m particular about who I listen to when it comes to fitness and nutrition. If a fitness pro is smart, experienced, and can write, then they have my attention. If they’re up on the latest research, I’m listening even more. If they have strong opinions this is good as well, as long as they’re open-minded. But when someone I listen to is also generous and accessible, I respect their opinions even more. My friend and popular strength expert JC Deen {Read More…}