Strength Training for Women Made Simple

Strength Training for Women Made Simple Last week I posted a FAQ about my holistic approach to fat loss. But what if your goal is building muscle and strength? This week I’m answering frequently asked questions about how you can do that.

While some of my Lean and Strong clients want to lose fat, others simply want to regain their sense of owning it in the weight room. Here’s answers to questions you might have.

I’m Experienced with Weights. Is this the Right Group for Me?

Absolutely. This program will benefit you whether you’re a newbie or not.

Many clients have fallen out of weightlifting and want to gain confidence and encouragement to jump back in at their own pace. If you’re a relative newcomer you can learn effective techniques that most people will never have access to. And if you’re experienced, that works too. Not only do I provide workouts that are based on your level and experience, but you’re guaranteed to learn more about lifting for better results.

I’m Very Busy! Will I Have Time for this Program?

I have streamlined this program so that it’s scalable to any schedule. If your main goal is fat loss, you can focus primarily on nutrition. Strength training for women can mean two workouts a week or four; it depends on your level. There is no right or wrong way to follow Lean and Strong, as long as you have a goal and stick with it.

How Can I Eat for More Muscle?

You’ll get customized recommended nutrition intakes for your goals from me. I also provide lots of support for eating enough and getting enough protein.

How Often Do You Check In With Members?

I review everyone’s progress once a week individually and check in with the group several times a day. I’m probably one of the most interactive coaches you’ll meet. That’s because I love coaching and I love my clients! I specialize in strength training for women so they can become leaner, stronger versions of themselves.

I’m often told I’m much more responsive and accessible than other online coaches. You won’t have to wait days to hear from me; I respond within a few hours when clients post in the group. That’s pretty important if you need help with form and are headed to the gym soon.

What Kind of Equipment Do I Need?

You can work out wherever! I’ve had clients train in hotel rooms, at home, and the gym. For the best results, you should have access to a resistance band, dumbbells, and a weight bench (and if you have more than that, great!). But depending on your level, you can also do bodyweight workouts no problem.

How Do You Help Members Overcome Mental Barriers?

Rocking a successful mindset  is a huge part of my online training programs. We cover mental barriers every single week with goal setting, self-awareness exercises, and the coaching I give in live sessions and in the content. Self-sabotage, negativity, and self-flaggellation will hinder you big time, so we address this on an ongoing basis.

What Can I Do After Lean and Strong Concludes?

I get so pumped about new groups and bummed when they conclude. But now graduates can join my new “continuing” Lean and Strong program for more outstanding content, motivation, and support along with updated workouts and nutrition guidance. It’s a sweet deal and I’m happy that all L&S graduates can continue on with me this way now. (For more experienced lifters, my Fierce Definition program is a great fit for those who want to get more in-depth about lifting and leaning up.)

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