In-Person Small Group Training is Badass

Thirty reps of bicep curls in slo-mo to the time of a great workout song. I see you in that big-box gym in that big-azz class.

Small group training | Workout Nirvana Back when I used to take “body pump” type strength training classes, I loved the regular class time with a knowledgeable instructor. I felt motivated to get my workouts in and saw pretty good results for awhile. But there were also problems…

  • The high repetitions were wreaking havoc with my joints.
  • I stopped getting stronger because the workouts didn’t change much over time (oh, and the high reps…). And when you aren’t getting stronger, you aren’t building more muscle.

I stuck with it a long time, but since I already knew quite a bit about strength training, I finally decided I’d be better off training myself in the weight room. But that’s not the right solution for everyone.

A Middle Ground for MO’ Muscle

What if you don’t want to train on your own, would love hands-on instruction, and like the accountability and motivation of a group? One-on-one personal training is an option, of course, but it can be pretty expensive and maybe more than you need.

That’s where small group personal training (SGT) comes in, yo?

In a group of 3-6 people, you can get:

  • Individualized attention
  • Progressive workouts with modification for your level
  • Knowledge about how to train on your own
  • A fun, energetic atmosphere with people who are working towards similar goals

You would probably be a bit shocked by how affordable small group training is compared to the value, and that’s why its popularity is skyrocketing. Small groups are a fun, social, and cost-effective way to get a great workout! Plus you can learn how to train effectively on your own, if that’s your goal.


Intrigued? Check out these frequently asked questions.

How does small group training work?

Your trainer works with you and 2-5 other people at the same time. While your trainer will understand each of your goals and what you want to accomplish so that he or she can write a safe and effective program, the workout will be the same for the whole group, with modifications for individual situations.

What kinds of exercises will I do?

What you do specifically will depend on your individual program, but may include bodyweight exercises, stability balls, bands, medicine balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX suspension training, plates, cables, plyometric boxes, balance discs, BOSU trainers, tires and sledge hammers, slosh pipes, treadmill, bikes, water rower, punching bags and much more.

How long will it take to see results?

You may have heard that it takes 4 weeks to start feeling changes in your body, 8 weeks for friends and family to notice, and 12 weeks for the whole world to notice – and that’s pretty accurate.  To make lasting changes it takes about 3 months to start seeing a significant change.

What happens in a training session?

Every session starts with a warm-up and ends with a cool-down and stretching. The workout portion consists of a exercises based on your goals as part of an overall long-term plan, and may be based on many different variables.

Will I learn how to eat for my goals?

Many trainers include nutrition education as part of the class and give you feedback about your diet and accountability and tracking tools.

And Now the Big News…

I will be leading a LIVE version of my Fierce Defintion training program starting February 2nd! You’ll build muscle, lose fat, and learn all my secrets for lifting and eating for your goals. If you’re in the in Littleton, CO area, come train with me at Powered By You Training Studio. Questions? Just drop me a line!

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