1-on-1 Transformational Fitness Program

If you’ve been training awhile it’s not uncommon to reach a point of stagnation, frustration, and even nagging injuries. You have the desire to reach your strongest, most beautiful body, but confusion about how much or what to eat, how to train effectively, or simply not knowing how to go forward keep you from ever getting there.

You’re expected to program your own progress, yet how can you know all the answers while pushing yourself safely and consistently?

That’s why I created this 1:1 Transformational Fitness and Nutrition Program – to support women in owning it in the weight room and beyond.

As your mentor and motivator, I will challenge the habits that are holding you back and give you the tools and information that help you access your personal power in the weight room and beyond. I’ll help you show up more boldly in your training and learn how to eat for your goals and stop self-sabotaging behaviors. You’ll feel confident that nagging injuries are a thing of the past and that progress is the new paradigm.

Using one-size-fits-all programs or random workouts, trying what works for celebrities or friends… These are great ways to keep on seeing the same results. The questions you have can’t be answered in a few articles or a couple of personal training sessions. You deserve personalized, ongoing attention from someone who’s got your back.

It’s time to quit messing around with what “might” work and do what will work. It’s time to know and honor yourself with a long-term plan that gives your needs individual attention.

It can be difficult to put your trust in someone else’s hands. But this isn’t about me doing the work; it’s about you having the tools and knowledge you need to effectively and safely push yourself, while having a mentor at your side.

Who Is This For?

My 1:1 clients are male or female, any age, and any location. As this is online training and I cannot be there with you physically, I do request that you meet a few prerequisites. Please click here to learn more and connect with me.

Owning Your Progress

Whether you’re a badass at the squat rack or haven’t yet worked up the nerve, you know you’ve got more. You’ve already spent valuable time researching and experimenting without the results you want. Why continue guessing how to get standout muscle definition and a lean, athletic physique when you could take a direct path to your goals and learn methods that work?

My clients are motivated and savvy women who appreciate my straight-forward approach and no-nonsense guidance. I like to have fun but mean business when it comes to your results. I work both intuitively and using evidence-based techniques so you can rock your workouts with pride and stay motivated. I approach nutrition with a relaxed attitude, using methods that work for your lifestyle.

This personal training program isn’t just about workouts. It’s an education about how to get more muscle, strength, and conditioning in the most efficient way; learning effective habits that will take you to the body you want.

You will reach an inner wisdom about your training, how you eat, and your body that will last a lifetime.

Our Partnership Includes:

  • Customized 12-week training program
  • (3) 45-minute sessions via Skype
  • Email communication throughout partnership
  • Ongoing posture, strength, and body composition assessments
  • Recommended nutritional profile
  • Menu guidance and recipes
  • Video critique of your strength-training form
  • Weekly check-ins to review progress, set goals, and promote accountability
  • Supplemental e-books and accountability tools

Your transformation happens when you master training and nutrition techniques that set you apart. An inner revolution takes place when you feel empowered and fierce about owning your progress.

The women who train with me are seeking a higher mastery with weightlifting and a physical transformation that starts with a base level of fitness. An inner transformation is part of that journey, as I talk about here. That’s why I created this program - I know the ripple effect this kind of physical transformation can have on the rest of your life.

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