I’m Not So “Strong” – I Just Got F*cking Goals, See?

Not counting a couple of interruptions due to a car accident and the birth of my daughter, I’ve been lifting weights for over 15 years. Weightlifting’s been my mama, spanking my ass one day and wiping my tears the next.

But four months off is not gonna kill me.

It’s been two weeks since my exchange surgery and I’m on fire, taking one-mile walks and doing bodyweight squats. And today I’m doing split squats.

For 10 weeks I had awesome, immovable jugs installed in my chest to stretch my skin to a smooth shine and cause my muscles to protest with nasty ongoing spasms.

And though I’m not even back to my extra-light band work yet, I’m still pushing forward. My “strength” to get through all this doesn’t come from mental or physical fortitude – it comes from goals. I got big goals and little goals, all made up in my brain and cemented there with Space-Age Fuck-This-Noise Superglue.

I Got F*cking Goals, See?

Visions of me in a few weeks

Kicking Ass Day-to-Day

Here’s the deal: You might think you’re too busy to pay attention to small, daily goals. You like thinking about the bigger goal because it’s sexier (I cannot wait to rawk that swimsuit!). But without little day-to-day successes, you’ll be dreaming about the big goal forever.

It’s what we do today that gets us wherever we want to be. It’s all good to keep your eyes on the prize and you need to do that. But set goals for today, make ’em small, and follow through.

Lifting weights has fueled my purpose, my confidence, and my health. But instead of smashing shit or worse, crawling into a hole, I do stuff that helps me heal, like −

… Walk, no matter how far or fast

… Get seven hours of sleep, or at least try

… Eat more veggies instead of carrot cake, my favorite post-surgery food

… Do those PT exercises twice a day

… Get up and walk around regularly instead of being lazy and paying the price later

… Be picky about what I do so I don’t overdo

… Be a good coach and mom

I’m recovering quickly now and have been functional for a long time. When I’m back in the gym – the big goal is July – I’ll set weightlifting goals. You can bet on it.

The amazing thing about today? Less water weight and the sun is shining. Walking is hella more fun in the sun.

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  1. Hugs! It’s shocking how quickly we lose “beast mode” levels when injured or sick. It’s hard not to feel sorry for ourselves when the strength and stamina vanishes. You’re doing great, though, and you’ll be back soon enough!

  2. Love the definite tone in your voice! 🙂

  3. You got this girl!! Small steps at a time and you will be there in no time!

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