Results + Kind Words

Chris-August-2014 “I was determined and dedicated, and I met my goal.”

“My goal when I started with Suzanne was to do one pull up, well 9 weeks in I was able to do two!!! I’ve been lifting consistently for 6 years and I have tried it all, cross fit, powerlifting, personal trainers, my own strategies, and I learned something from all of them but they eventually fell flat and I needed something new. I was so very excited to come across a trainer specializing in women who enjoy pushing around heavy weight! Most programs are geared toward weight loss, which isn’t me at all. If anything I struggle to get enough food, which is why I never seem to get any more muscle growth.  During my time with Suzanne I was very focused on getting enough protein to meet my goals. I was determined and dedicated, the end result I met my goal.” ~ Chris Strand, FL

Up to 2 1/2 Pull ups!

“My body feels excellent, like ten years younger. I feel very tight in my core, and flexible too. My pants are getting looser… Noticing great changes in my legs and glutes, and feeling overall stronger in upper body. Starting to see some definition in the shoulders. Am super excited to keep on with this work, and want to keep progressing. Overall I couldn’t be more pleased with your program, and feel that I have made more progress in five weeks than in the last year. Thanks! I am looking forward to more.” ~ Anne Nordstrom, Bonn, Germany

“I could clearly see changes in my body composition”

“Suzanne is hands do Workout Nirvana Online Personal Training wn the best trainer I’ve worked with. She knows her stuff inside and out, will push you out of your comfort zone (in a good way) and is a blast to be around. Suzanne reignited my passion for strength training and even inspired me to install a pull up bar at home! After 12 weeks of training 2x per week, I could clearly see changes in my body composition. I’ve been continuing to train on my own with Suzanne’s support and have no doubt I’ll reach my goals.” ~ Robyn Spurr, Highlands Ranch, CO

“I have changed my workout style drastically”

“Working with Suzanne has been incredibly beneficial to my physical fitness as well as my confidence and mental sanity at the gym. She initially pushed me out of my comfort zone by setting up my program to better fit my described goals. This included limiting my beloved cardio in order to focus on building muscle. She was encouraging, informative and firm which is exactly what I needed. I have changed my workout style drastically and after the first round of training, found myself loving lifting more and more. She is great at communicating and answering my never-ending question while being patient and supportive. I have seen great progress in a short time and looking forward to beginning my second phase and seeing what she has in store for me! I have no doubt it will be another challenge!” ~ Emma Lowe, Savannah, GA

“It’s really changing my perception of health”

“I have learned so much in the last few months! I feel like this has become a much longer term and more important journey for balance and strength rather than encouraging me to lose some weight. It’s really changing my perception of health.” ~ Rebecca Wasserman, Atlanta, GA

Kelly Phelan “I was able to overcome my fear of the weight room”

“I want to sincerely thank you for the motivation and support you have given me this year directly and indirectly. I was able to overcome my fear of the weight room and walk to the squat rack with complete confidence, all while PRing on all sorts of lifts and movements! My self confidence is the best it’s been (even at my current peak weight which I am proud to say is from MUSCLE!), I am able to try new things and exercises without fear of others’ opinions, and walk with my head high, filled with self love. Thank YOU for sharing your passion with all of us, for being positive, informed, intelligent, and a pure BADASS!” ~ Kelly Phelan, Farmville, VA

“I have not only gained strength, but confidence as well”

“I am so lucky to have found Suzanne. She has been such an amazing personal trainer. I have not only gained strength since working with her, but confidence as well. Before working with Suzanne, I never walked into a weight room. Now I walk into the room and rock the workouts she has created for me. I never thought I would look forward to my next workout. She is so informative and is always there to answer my questions. I appreciate everything and the changes to my body have been incredible. I can’t recommend Suzanne enough!” ~ Jessica Schanker, WI

Praise from Around the Web…

… “You are a great resource! Love your blog & tweets. I should say “thanks” more often!!” ~ Aimee S.
… “I’m not easily impressed, folks, but the results I’m getting from this lady’s virtual training plan are off the charts!” ~ Peter K.
… “I can personally vouch that @WorkoutNirvana is AWESOME. Thanks for the great advice!” ~ Calvin S.
… “Looking for great #fitness tweets from an awesome lady who always has your back (and biceps)? Check out @WorkoutNirvana” ~ Shira M.
… “Felt and saw increase of strength during upper body last night thanks to @WorkoutNirvana” ~ Carin C.
… “I stopped Crossfitting for nearly 4 months and made serious gains, thanks to @WorkoutNirvana” ~ Molly M.
… “I learn something new every time I read your blog. Thanks for the great content!” ~ Courtney B.

“I sleep better, I feel stronger”

“I’m finally beginning to learn the truth to the old adage– everything in moderation. I’m not moderate– I like to overfill my plate and then eat it all… and then suffer the consequences. Since starting your program, I sleep better, I feel stronger, and I’m still able to run at a comfortable pace, my endurance and conditioning hasn’t suffered, and I can still keep up with a CrossFit class– yet am certainly making gains. I don’t know that I see them yet, but that’s up to me and phase 2. Thank you, Suzanne!” ~ Molly Marcos, Royal Oak, MI

“Having a professional create a program in line with my goals makes it so much easier”

“I’m about to sign up for my third phase with Suzanne and I can’t wait to dive in! Having a professional create a program that is in line with my goals makes it so much easier for me to hit the gym – motivated with journal in hand. No more guesswork; no more wondering what I’m going to do today. I have a program. A plan to work from. I would also highly recommend hiring Suzanne for both training AND nutrition to reach your goals. I skipped the nutrition portion in Phase 2, thinking I had it under control. My bad. I need accountability, encouragement, and guidance.” ~ Shauna Austin, Nova Scotia (Read more about Shauna’s program)

“An effective program I can easily do at home”

“I work out at home and have a super busy work schedule. Suzanne was able not only to design an effective program that I can easily do at home, but also set up exercises using equipment I already own. This isn’t some ‘cookie-cutter’ workout, either – Suzanne takes the time to look at what you want and creates a program geared toward your specific goals and challenges. It’s been a great experience and I’d recommend her to anyone.” ~ Peter Kuebeck, Bowling Green, OH

“An incredible improvement in my posture and overall strength”

“In the first six weeks of working with you, I realized that building core and stabilizer muscles were critical since I’m someone who sits at a desk for 8+ hours a day. I’ve noticed an incredible improvement in my posture and overall strength. Between weight lifting and HIIT, there’s been a noticeable difference in my energy levels throughout my workday and I’ve found an increase in my stamina during recreational activities such as kickboxing or cycling. Your nutritional advice is the best I have ever received. Making small, manageable changes has been critical in my long-term weight-loss success. For example, I’m not one for planning meals ahead of time however my freezer is now full of homemade, frozen meals that I can thaw and heat up over some quinoa or a salad – and it’s all thanks to you!” ~ Morgan Vandermast, NY

“Now I am able to do all my favorite activities”

WorkoutNirvana Online Training “My trainer, Suzanne, has been wonderful and a true blessing. When I first came to her I was unable to perform simple tasks that involved twisting and essentially any of my favorite activities for fear of aggravating my back. Now I can perform the twisting motions and I am able to do all my favorite activities, such as hike, bike, swim, do yoga, do Pilates, vacation in Hawaii, etc. Officially in a size 6 from  a 12 and about a third of the way from reaching my goal. Couldn’t have done it without Suzanne!! She’s amazing!” ~ Jennifer Langton, Denver, CO

“In just 4 weeks my glutes were incredibly stronger”

“Suzanne has been generous with her wisdom and advice for years. The program she made for me was catered to what I needed. Having already lost 110 pounds on my own and kept it off for 5 years, I wasn’t really looking for a weight loss plan. Instead, I wanted to try and target some of the areas affected by massive weight loss. My triceps have always been an embarrassment for me (loose skin) and she gave me focused workouts to help that. I was seeing progress after 5 weeks! I’d [also] been struggling with Runner’s Knee for months and physical therapy was not doing the trick. I asked her to give me exercises that strengthened my glutes (per the recommendation of my doctor) and boy did she deliver! In just 4 weeks my glutes were incredibly stronger and my doctor was impressed. I FELT stronger, too. While I did not do her program to lose weight, I did lose half an inch on my hips and my waist. That was a nice surprise. I definitely recommend Suzanne’s program. She’s attentive and honest and was always available for chat/advice/recommendations.” ~ Lisa Eirene, Portland, OR (Check out Lisa’s blog series about training with me: Six Weeks to Strong Glutes, Now Entering Phase 2. and After 12 Weeks.)

“I’m saving $100 a week by preparing food at home”

“Thanks for your patience Suzanne, I really appreciate all that you have helped me with. Not only working out but life in general – cleaning up my eating habits, helping me become more organized and proficient in the kitchen. I’m saving $100 a week by preparing food at home and taking it with me. All it takes is a little planning and preparation for a few hours and I have food for the week. Feeling better/stronger.” ~ Johh Donovan, WA

“I totally recommend Suzanne at Workout Nirvana”

“Suzanne always found a balance between not letting me walk all over her and not being too drill sergeant about things when I was discouraged to continue. When the doctor said that he didn’t want me doing squats or lunges, she was ready with new ones that were just as effective. She would get on to me about my diet, but not in a way to make me feel bad. She would get on to me about trying too hard too fast. I totally recommend Suzanne at Workout Nirvana. Plus, I really love her blog posts.” ~ Kristi Wiley, Houston, TX

“I feel so much better about my body”

“I had the privilege of connecting with Suzanne on twitter and was very impressed with her so I decided to try her workout plan. I have almost finished with my 6 week program and I feel so much better about my body and I also feel so much stronger. I am truly grateful to Suzanne for setting me back on the right path toward my health and fitness goals.” ~ Camille Randall, FL

“Achieved strength I could not get in years of doing classes”

“I have @workoutnirvana to thank for helping me achieve the strength I could get not in years of doing classes.” ~ Carin Casper, IL