Vanity Rocks! Let Weights Lift You Up

Vanity rocks. I tweeted this a few months ago and knew it could be misinterpreted. But the response I got from a few women told me they understood. I love the word vanity. It’s filled with negative connotations, but I’ve taken ownership of it and changed its meaning. This word represents everything weight training has given me. And once you have healthy vanity, it changes your life forever. You can not go back. Vanity and weight lifting go together so {Read More…}

Those Voices Don’t Know About Me

There’s a song by Akron that really hits me. I love that song. Yeah, here’s why. A few voices started hanging out in my brain at the first of the year. I hadn’t heard them in ages, so I noticed when they came around. Uninvited. “Why’d you stop doing cardio? You look like shit! Did you really think you could get away with it? Those cute pants you bought sure don’t look good anymore, do they? You’ll never have nice abs. Christ. {Read More…}