Dynamic Warm-Up Exercise for Upper-Back Mobility

Do you find yourself leaning forward too much during squats or unable to go heavier with deadlifts? Or do you suffer from ongoing neck and shoulder pain? These could all be signs that you lack good upper-back mobility, a common problem for anyone who works at a computer. If your weightlifting warm up amounts to doing a few light sets before your working set, you could be missing out on improved performance, mobility, and injury prevention. But a quick, full {Read More…}

Weightlifting Ideas to Pump Excitement into Your Recovery Week

Ever since I started periodizing my training, I’ve had to grapple with entire weeks of backing off the weights. As those who lift smartly know, you can’t go hard every single day. There need to be lighter intensity weeks cycled in so that your joints can recover from the stress of hard training. I went hard nonstop for years because I hate backing off the weights. Having to lift lighter during my usual routine makes it very hard for me {Read More…}

Getting the Swing of Kettle Bells: A Demo and More

Kettle bells, ahh. As I’ve been investigating and learning their endless applications I’ve also became more and more excited about them. Kettle bells can be used for movements ranging from explosive Olympic lifts to more endurance-oriented Tabata protocols. Many kettle bell exercises provide full-body conditioning, which increase your strength and cardiorespiratory systems simultaneously. So why would I want to share my precious gym time with kettle bells? I’ll never give up traditional lifting, but with all the fun and advantages {Read More…}

Full-Body Workouts for Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat

Training each muscle using a split routine (in addition to a clean diet) provides highly satisfying results, especially if you’re into crazy muscle definition and hypertrophy. It’s also a sweet deal if you’re into hours of hammering your shoulders, legs, or back (or whatever muscle) with specific (and sometimes isolated) movements. But a big drawback of using a split routine is the time involved; spending six hours a week on hypertrophy alone simply isn’t feasible for many. If you’re trying {Read More…}

Full-body vs. Splits and Training for Aesthetics

I’m an advocate of being fit and healthy using the methods that work best for you. I like keeping things positive with a not-one-size-fits-all approach. It’s up to each of us to stay educated about fitness and choose the path rocks the party for us. To me, the most important component of being fit and healthy is enjoying getting there and staying there. Or we’ll never even get started. There are strong forces out there telling us all to do things {Read More…}

Sharing a Passion: Burning it Up with Total-Body Moves

My first-ever interaction with my friend Roy Cohen was quite memorable: An email regarding my blog that made me laugh and raise my eyebrows and even squirm a little. But I like people who get to the point and I love people who can make me laugh. So we became friends, and Roy also became a mentor who helped me grow in my weight lifting and writing passions. I learned that Roy is an experienced and down-to-earth personal trainer (and blogger) – the {Read More…}