Chin Ups Are Insane Fun! They’re Within Your Reach

Do you imagine what it would feel like to pull your body straight up in the air over a specified point? Ah, the glory and addiction of pursuing chin ups and pull ups. They’re a good measure of functional upper body strength and have a bit of status attached to them – and with good reason! If you can do unassisted pull ups or chin ups then you’ve been working very hard to develop your back muscles. Not only that, {Read More…}

Sexy Back: Two Routines

Your back is a powerful, beautiful part of your body. A strong, muscular back protects you from injury and can give your upper body an athletic, sexy V-shape. I realized recently that I look at a person’s back (right after their arms) to gauge how fit they are! I used to hate working my back. But with consistency and heavy resistance, my back muscles responded with nice definition and increased strength. Yours can too using these routines, which work your {Read More…}

When you Stop Moving, You Stop Living

Several people have told me recently that they have back pain that prevents them from doing certain things. I asked each of them if they strength train, stretch, or do core work, and each said no. My question is: Do you want to live with your pain or do you want to do what you used to love? I believe people want that quality of life back but they don’t know how to get it. Or they don’t think anything {Read More…}