Building Muscle for Women: A Fierce Def FAQ

Building muscle for women Experienced women lifters have unique needs. You can be a seriously fierce woman in the weight room and still not ever achieve the muscle definition you want.

That’s why today I’m answering frequently asked questions about building muscle for women in Fierce Definition, my unique 12-week online group training program for experienced lifters.

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Why is Fierce Def so unique?

  • Most programs are for beginners.
    I recognized that there are many women out there who are ready to go further with mastering weightlifting, but the support is just not there. Fierce Def is a muscle- and strength-building program for women who already know how to lift. While we review proper form, we delve deeper into the best movements and positions for you. You can also have your form critiqued to save you injury down the road and get you sculpted muscle definition faster!
  • Most programs are for fat loss instead of building muscle for women.
    You don’t need to have a perfect body fat percentage to join Fierce Def – in fact, some members do want to lose more than 5-10 pounds. But in Fierce Def you’ll have the opportunity to build fat-burning muscle, and that will help you carve out the definition you want.
  • Muscle definition comes from more than just building muscle – it’s about carving out individual muscles in a symmetrical manner.
    Are you that woman who trains fiercely but never gets fierce muscle definition? Sculpting muscle that turns heads means training all the angles in a balanced way, and most people just don’t know how to do that. I tailor each Fierce Def program to bring out definition in each muscle head, not just training for size.
  • Most programs just tell you what to do without explaining the “why” or “how.”
    So when you’ve tapped out of getting results from a program, you’re back to piecing exercises together, still without knowing how to program your own workouts. Fierce Def is an education about building muscle for women who want to be independent and learn how to get the best results.

In Fierce Def, the way you train will be permanently transformed, setting you up for a lifetime of steady increases in muscle definition.

I mentor women to train effectively on their own so they can get fantastic results for a lifetime. You’ll learn what it really takes to build muscle, both from a training and nutrition perspective, without having to become certified as a personal trainer. Many women do come back to me eventually because they want me to create a fresh, customized workout for them, but that’s only because they typically don’t have the time or desire to plan their own workouts.

There are many more reasons this program is unique:

  • Connecting with other experienced women who love to lift (and learn)
  • Having your progress monitored by a seasoned coach who knows what it’s like to be a woman in the weight room

Can I join Fierce Def if I have more than 5-10 pounds to lose?

Yes! You will still benefit from Fierce Def. Here’s how:

  • You’ll gain more mastery over lifting for a sculpted physique. I’ll teach you principles you haven’t used before and you’ll receive coaching about your form, technique, and diet. No more spending years spinning your wheels doing the wrong workouts that never get you the look you want. I’ll give you everything you need to become an expert at your own training.
  • Diet plays a huge role in muscle definition, so we’ll also be focusing on how to eat for a leaner body. You’ll receive individualized nutrition recommendations for your goals and food guidance too.
  • You’ll get stronger in a balanced manner that helps you set new PRs and train safely for a long lifting career.
  • You’ll build fat-burning muscle that will help you reduce your body fat.

I’m a busy person! Will I have to spend enormous amounts of time training?

Nope. In fact, most people train too much. I ensure that you train the least amount needed for your goals, saving your joints and ensuring proper recovery. After all, recovery is one of the most IMPORTANT factors in building muscle.

I’d make sure you have three to four days available for strength workouts of about an hour each. If you participate in other activities, you’ll need to make sure you have time in your schedule.

I already know how to lift weights. Will I be bored?

Absolutely not. My Fierce Def clients have a wide range of experience levels, from less than six months to 20+ years. No matter how long you’ve been lifting, and even if you are a personal trainer yourself, you will learn many new things and see results in this program. (Even coaches need coaches for structure and accountability!)

How experienced do I need to be?

It’s best if you already know basic weightlifting form and how to use free weights and a barbell. You should also have some experience with deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. Select members of my Lean and Strong training group want to “graduate” to Fierce Def, and sometimes this means they’ve only had three moths of lifting experience. (But since I was their coach, they’re completely ready!)

Do you push supplements?

NO – I do not sell or push supplements. I do believe in adequate amounts of protein, but only the amount you need as an active woman. I also believe in proper pre- and post-workout nutrition using the latest scientific research.

I’m not one of these extremist-type “experts” out there shouting that this or that is “evil.” I’m a moderate, evidence-based fitness professional who uses proven practices and principles. I stay updated on the current research and receive ongoing education in my field.

Can I join if I have foot/ankle/knee/hip/other problems?

Everyone has a physical history, and the older you get, the longer the list of limitations. So even if you have an old injury or an area you have to watch, you can still join Fierce Def. The only contraindication would be if you’re newly recovering from an injury or surgery and haven’t completed physical therapy. I’m not a physical therapist or doctor (obviously!) and can’t provide rehab programs.

Is this program customized?

Absolutely! While I like members’ workouts to be similar so they can discuss them together, I take into account your experience, lifestyle, history, and goals. For example, if you want to build your shoulders but don’t want your quads to get too big, I’ll design your program to meet these goals.

Will I set new PRs in Fierce Def?

You most certainly will. Even if you’re not interested in deadlifting 1.5 times your bodyweight, you will get stronger than you’ve ever been. Members often set many new personal records and love the feeling of accomplishment and pride!

What kind of diet advice do you provide?

Clearly having a healthy body fat percentage impacts your ability to see muscle definition. So depending on your goals, I teach you how to eat more for muscle, less for fat loss, or how to lean up. Many Fierce Def members want to lose that last bit of fat or muffin top, and I provide a lot of valuable information to do that, including customized calorie and macronutrient intakes.

What other questions do you have? Just leave them in the comments below or give me a shout. I love hearing from you and can’t WAIT to get this party started!

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