Breaking Through to That Crazy Muscle Definition You Want

Steps to Muscle Definition Your eyes are on hardbody muscle definition and a lean physique that never stops. Your transformation is so close – you’re eating clean and rocking your workouts, but you can sense obstacles standing in your way. Will you reach your full potential or stop short of attaining the badass hardbody you know you’re capable of?

Lack of direction… flagging motivation… the dreaded plateau. How you handle these challenges will determine whether you gain standout muscle definition or remain where you are.

Plateaued but not Deterred

Some years ago I was completely stalled out. I had stopped seeing new muscle definition and  never seemed to get stronger. I was passionate about fitness, trained consistently, and practiced clean eating – I did everything I knew how to progress myself to more muscle. But I was plateaued in a big way and frustrated and confused.

I eventually broke OUT of that damned plateau and had the best gains of my life, but only after becoming a fitness professional (you knew there was a hitch, right?). But even then, my progress wasn’t instant… exercise science is a massive field and I spent months trying different approaches. But over time, I learned how to get fantastic results with less work.

Not everyone can become a fitness pro to overcome their plateau or other obstacles, but you can find a mentor to help you get there. Fortunately, my specialty is solidly mentoring and guiding women who are stuck and need help reaching their full potential with weightlifting and smart nutrition.

Building Fierce Muscle Definition

I’m convinced that online training groups are a fantastic way to break through the obstacles holding you back.

I’m teaching fierce women to make small but impactful changes that have been proven to produce badass results compared to big resolutions [1]. Transformations are the result of many, many tiny steps. The big ones get swept away in frustration; the small ones are easy to keep.

Rocking the Results

As  you know, gorgeous muscle definition is a result of a clean eating, smart training, and heavy lifting. So my clients focus on muscle building and practicing eating habits for a lean physique.

It’s not surprising that these sistas notice changes after only two weeks:

“Sleeping like a champion and damn I love my sleep!”

“Starting to feel my body, especially my legs, get tighter.”

“I find my insomnia is getting much better. Also, the way I think about food is getting better as I am starting to thinking about the repercussions of eating something unhealthy (but not in a guilty way).”

“I definitely feel stronger in my upper body.”

“I’m starting to feel a little more energy even though I’m sleeping about the same.”

“I took it slow the first two weeks just to get my body adjusted, but I have to say all you clean eating sisters are so inspirational! …The microgoals really forced me to reach for healthy food every time, and I’m starting to enjoy snacking on fruit, mozzarella cheese sticks, and cereal instead of going for my Japanese candies, chips, and more.”

“I’m noticing a nice evenness to things in general. Energy, hunger, mental state. Fewer ups and downs. I feel like I’m gliding along at a reasonable and sustainable pace. Not overreaching or feeling guilty for not doing enough. Just a nice stride. I could get used to this.”

“Making a conscious effort to eat more frequently and noticing an improvement in overall well being.”

It’s common for beginners to notice their clothes fitting more tightly, being hungrier, and some frustration due to the learning curve of new exercises. These are normal experiences when starting an effective program (and a group environment can provide killer support). When you start a new program, your muscles are holding onto more glycogen and you can experience water retention as a result. And when you adjust your calories and start exercising at the same time, we watch what happens and tweak as needed.

** Find out more about my online training programs **

Will you be the one to persevere through the challenges and reach the body you know you’re capable of having?

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  1. It’s so exciting to hear about how your training group is going! I think I’m going to try to sign up for the next round if I can…
    Sarah recently posted..March Goals, and February Goals in reviewMy Profile

  2. Wow, that photo of your bicep is about to punch right through the internet and poke my eye out! Congrats on creating such a fierce, lean and strong group of ladies; I know they will thrive under your guidance and inspiration!
    Shira recently posted..How to make the best of a fast food situationMy Profile

  3. SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see it in your pics too!!!! I am here to support you! LOVE!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted..Gratitude Monday & Family Fun in the RainMy Profile

    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted..Gratitude Monday & Family Fun in the RainMy Profile

  5. Gotta say…. I’m loving the micro-goals!

  6. I always keep pushing forward, but a work in progress for sure.

  7. Bethany Lee says:

    Hi Suzanne, –yes–I’m loving the microgoals as well. I’m on a program right now but looking for a new one to start in April. Are you going to open up a new thing by then or around that time?
    (Still loving your blog, jsyk).
    And I know I’m a personal trainer and could make my own but I like working with someone else and especially a group like this if possible.

    • I’d love to see you in the next group Bethany. We fitness pros need support in getting to our goals too! I’ll definitely be starting one in April – will be sure to let you know.
      And thanks for continuing to be a reader! <3

  8. Great job on the group!! Your biceps are amazing!! I know I have what it takes to achieve the body I want, but my eating habits tend to negate my exercise efforts. You are an inspiration to me to keep forging forward in trying to change my bad eating habits.
    Toni recently posted..What’s In My Apera Bag? Plus 5 Tips For Fitting In Fitness!My Profile

  9. I love the micro goals and you have some great change talk from these ladies. Congrats to you and to them for taking control and making those changes! I must admit I need to redo my personal plan, because right now the running is taking over. 🙂
    Jenn Speer recently posted..Why a Marathon?My Profile

  10. You know I am a big fan of online training ! Love it!
    Taylor @ recently posted..5 Ways To Transform Desserts To Healthy Sweet Treats Without Sacrificing Flavor + Taylors Mint Ice Cream CupsMy Profile

  11. Pretty amazing muscles there.
    What do you have to say about Cardio workout and heart rate?
    I’ve heard that we have to get rid of our fat (less heart rate) and then when that is gone we can build muscle. Otherwise you build muscle on top of your fat and it’ll never go away. What’s your 2cents?
    Edgar recently posted..Top 5 Kale Juice Benefits. You’ve been lied to about #5My Profile

    • You won’t see a lot of muscle definition unless your body fat is on the lower side (but it’s partly genes and body type). As far as building muscle “on top” of fat and it never going away, that sounds like folklore ;).

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