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Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or just learning how to lift weights and eat for your goals, you’ve landed in the right place. This website is about harnessing the power of clean eating and strength training and owning it in the weight room and beyond. I’m Suzanne Digre, NASM-certified personal trainer, online coach, writer, and mentor (and student!) of weightlifting.

You might wonder what I mean by “owning it” in the weight room and beyond. To help answer that, here’s a little about where I come from.

From lethargy and pain to energy and strengthWorkout Nirvana | Suzanne Digre

I’ve been up to nine unassisted pull ups (before my bilateral prophylactic mastectomy), and feel stronger now than I did in my twenties. But this is not how most of my life has looked.

I never saw myself as athletic growing up and wasn’t a healthy eater until my late 30’s. I ate whatever I wanted, despite genetically high cholesterol and debilitating digestive issues. I just couldn’t understand why I was always lethargic and didn’t have a clue about how my diet and lack of exercise could be impacting my health. Unawareness much?

After learning about clean eating in a magazine, I began gradually replacing processed, fatty foods with foods closer to their natural state. The improvement to my digestion and energy levels were next to miraculous. I also began strength training and fell in love with how empowered I felt from lifting, both in and out of the weight room (here’s the story of how I started).

I’ve rebounded from childbirth, a serious whiplash injury, and a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy, among other things. In short, I know what it’s like to start from square one and I know what it’s like to rebuild muscle and strength. I will always keep pushing and helping other women do the same, because the self-empowerment, strength, and confidence I have gained from lifting and eating better just can’t be measured.

What I believe and know to work

  • Strength training results in better energy, sleep, flexibility, and lower body fat. It can also give you a sense of power and peacefulness that translates into your daily life. When you own it in the weight room, you own it outside the weight room, too.
  • Suzanne Digre | Workout Nirvana FitnessYou’ve got more than you know. Most women haven’t even begun to tap their true potential with strength training.
  • Clean eating (or whatever you want to call it) is eating mostly wholesome, nutrient-dense foods most of the time. It’s not something I ever apologize for, either.
  • You lose weight with an eating lifestyle, not a diet. Maintaining weight loss is sustainable forever with clean eating the way I teach it.
  • Small, daily changes are the way to big results. Big goals are overwhelming and hardly ever work. Setting small goes make you feel successful!
  • Mindset is the key to making this lifestyle something you enjoy and prefer.

Suzanne DigreI believe everyone has a “workout nirvana.” The secret is in finding what makes you hum. For me, it’s weightlifting, but I also love hiking and the outdoors. Physical challenges in the environment you love create your workout nirvana.

My BA in journalism and my freelance writing career allow me to educate people from all walks of life. Over the years, I’ve written around 300 articles here and on other websites to teach and mentor others to lift and eat for their ultimate health and bodies. I’m also a columnist at fitnesstrainermagazine.com, where I write articles for personal trainers.

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