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How to Build More Arm and Shoulder Muscle Definition: A Woman’s Guide

There’s nothing like sculpted arms and shoulders to make you feel sexy and fit. And let’s face it, muscle definition can make you stand out from the crowd. How many people really have the persistence and commitment to make standout muscle definition happen? Not many. If you’ve been training awhile and still haven’t attained the look you want, it’s time to look back at old photos. They tell the whole story of how you’ve been training, how you’ve been eating, and what your {Read More…}

Ladies, You’re Not Really Eating for Muscle

It’s not so easy being a woman who wants more muscle. Cultural norms and mental conditioning cause us to sabotage our own good intentions, especially when it comes to eating for muscle. But ladies, if you want more muscle, you’ve got to let go of your FAT PHOBIA. The Skinny Trap It’s drilled into our heads all our lives that attractive means skinny.  In my experience as a personal trainer, I see many fit women in a state of perpetual calorie restriction and cardio overtraining, afraid of gaining an {Read More…}

Savvy Women Lifters: Get Fierce About Building Muscle

As a savvy woman lifter, you want to master strength training not only for poppin’ muscles, but overall conditioning, nonstop energy, through-the-roof self-confidence, and yes, a sculpted, shapely body. A hot body. I believe we’re all entitled to want a hot body. It’s not something to hide or be ashamed of – even when others don’t understand our quest. Hell, if we always yielded to what others thought we’d probably never even lift. Who really understands our love of the iron, anyway? Other women who lift, that’s {Read More…}