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Just a Few Healthy Habits Create a Bitchin’ Body and Health

At the end of the year we reflect. Lately I’ve tried to notice all the small things I do that add up to a bitchin body – both health-wise and aesthetically. This is tough for me because these habits are so ingrained. They seem inconsequential to my daily life, but even missing one of them screws up my day. I’ve come to expect an energetic, pain-free body, happy digestion, and a positive attitude. Barring illness or injury, everything hums along {Read More…}

Increase Your Push ups

In the New Year, I challenge you to up the ante with your pushups! Being good at pushups is a worthy goal that deserves some of your time because they build a sculpted, strong upper body. But more importantly, being able to do pushups on your toes – or more difficult full pushups – makes you feel good about yourself. It means you worked towards something important, followed through, and achieved it. Pushups primarily use your pectorals, triceps, and anterior {Read More…}