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The Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference: It’s All About the People

When I won a free pass to the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference courtesy of Fitarella (@JacqCarly), I couldn’t quite believe I was going to meet online friends, hob knob with big names in the blogging arena, and learn more about what I love, right here in Colorado. I was both nervous and excited, and also committed to sharing what I learned. I’ll go into more detail about the sessions in upcoming posts, plus you can check out my Facebook page {Read More…}

A Weight Lifting Workout Between Friends

Getting out of my comfort zone is something I can do with my friend Kris, of  The Heart and Humor of Being Human (@Krazy_Kris). She and I have swapped workouts several times because it’s so much fun to try each other’s different style of working out… she’s into cross fit; I’m into weight lifting of course. When we had the opportunity to work out together in real life, I decided to create a workout that would challenge us both in new ways: {Read More…}

Align Yourself with Proper Squat Technique

We squat because we love squatting, but also because squats deliver outstanding results when it comes to muscle- and strength-building. Even if you can’t go deep, squats work the glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and your abs all at the same time. Using the correct muscles is critical when you squat or you risk a back or knee injury. Beginners need to practice the basic movement and often put the weight in their toes instead of their heels, bend over too far, etc. They need to master the {Read More…}

A Killer Full-Body Workout Using Only Your Body Weight

If we’ve connected on Twitter or Facebook you may have heard me talk recently about attending a workshop through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I’m studying to be a certified personal trainer and fully acknowledge that I’m also turning into a certified Fitness Know-It-All. My family, who I was visiting during the class, can attest to this as I put them through fitness assessments and evaluated them relentlessly while there. In any case, I get such insane satisfaction {Read More…}