Heavy-Duty Routines for Standout Triceps

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Everyone wants to have rockin’ arms, including me. Sure, weight lifting makes you feel strong, inside and out. But a lot of people also love to look at rockin’ arms. I posted my favorite shoulder workout recently, so now I think it’s time to talk about building your triceps. That jiggly triceps thing is something that just happens – unless you lift weights and get lean with clean eating. But there’s one catch: You have to lift heavy. No Barbie weights {Read More…}

When you Stop Moving, You Stop Living


Several people have told me recently that they have back pain that prevents them from doing certain things. I asked each of them if they strength train, stretch, or do core work, and each said no. My question is: Do you want to live with your pain or do you want to do what you used to love? I believe people want that quality of life back but they don’t know how to get it. Or they don’t think anything {Read More…}

Owning the Weight Room – and Your Strength


I’ve been lifting weights on and off for 15 years. I blog about what’s worked for me and what I’ve learned on my own and as a personal trainer. I know how to get stand-out muscle definition, how to lift safely, and how to eat clean. There are two more things I know about: How to have fun lifting weights, and how to be a woman in the weight room. Many, many women are intimidated by the weight room. Both {Read More…}

Losing (or Gaining) When Life Happens

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By Special Guest Writer Lisa Benbrook Years ago when I was very young and newly married, I was in a checkout line at the grocery store. Perusing the tabloids and “self helps” displayed there for the impulse buyer, I saw one of those mini-books about calorie counting. I ended up buying it because, especially back then, I was fascinated by all theories on weight loss. I’ve always been just as interested as any other woman in having the perfect figure. Growing up {Read More…}

Don’t Ignore your Chest: A Plan for Strong Pectorals

Your body was meant to be muscular!

If you’re not challenging your chest muscles, have you asked yourself why? Are you bored with bench presses or frustrated with your results? Do you think a muscular chest is only for men or are you afraid you’ll get too big? I’ve been focusing on my chest more over the last few months, and although I have more work to do, I’m seeing some nice results. The muscles in front of my underarms are firm instead of floppy. I can {Read More…}

What a Burn! My Favorite Shoulder Exercises

Shoulders are my favorite muscle group to work and I’ve heard a lot of people say the same. With the right form and exercises, you can see a lot of definition in your deltoids. Along with a muscular back, sculpted shoulders can make your waist look smaller, giving you that attractive V-shape everyone wants. Plus, there are three muscles to hit in your shoulder and many exercises to choose from, making boredom a non issue. If you start to struggle {Read More…}