10 Weightlifting Gifts for Women Who Love Muscle

I admit that I’m muscle-obsessed, but I have other obsessions as well. Like being a strong, powerful woman in a weight room filled with dudes… Knowing I’m using elegant, drop-dead gorgeous form with pull ups… And having complete control over what my body looks and feels like.

But oh, muscles…

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I’m also obsessed with gymwear, gym toys, and anything else that helps me lift weights like a mofo badass. That’s why I’m sharing my top 10 weightlifting gifts for women who are well-muscled or working towards becoming so. Since most weightlifting gifts are of the t-shirts-with-slogans variety (or clocks with a weight plate face), I think you’ll enjoy my favorite gift ideas. Share them with that special person who has you on their gift list or just go shopping yourself (we lifting chicks are take-charge types).

1. Tops or Jackets with Raglan Sleeves

10 Weightlifting Gifts for Women Who Love Muscle

Have you ever found clothing that made you feel understood? When I tried on the Studio Capezio Trista jacket ($78) I knew that someone out there appreciated women who lift.

Well-muscled women fit into clothes differently. Muscle has more mass than other bodily tissues and also stays in place better (thus the term “tone,” I’m thinking). If you lift consistently you probably have more mass in your pectorals, lats, and shoulders… and this spells tight armpits in most tops.

The solution? Raglan sleeves, which have a wider underarm cut. Raglan sleeves flatter your V-shape, too.

2. Warm Up Gym Bag


I once tried downsizing my gym bag, but it was an exercise in frustration… I need my shit. I have nothing against my traditional Nike duffle… It’s a lovely grey/purple and has all the room I need. But I was ready for something a little more sophisticated.

I found the amazing Athleta Warm Up Bag ($79) after trying several others that I returned. They looked big on the outside but functioned like deep, bottomless black holes. Fashion is one thing, but it’s got to have enough room, sister!

I love this bag. It has two compartments, which in my world means one for oft-used items and one for lesser-used ones. I can grab my stop watch and training log from one side and use the other side for pull-up bands and primpy stuff. And as a personal trainer I get a 30% discount from Athleta – nirvana for sure.

3. Bison Chalk Ball

Bison ball chalk sock

Keeping your hands sweat-free is a must for women who lift. This Bison chalk ball ($4.99) made for climbers is SO much more doable than a bag of loose chalk, and a nice stocking stuffer too.

I switched from lifting gloves to chalk several years ago to eliminate that space between my grip and the bar. I have dem sweaty hands, plus having a solid grip can bring your pull ups, deadlifts, and bent-over rows to a new level.

4. Beloved Tank

Athleta Beloved tank

By now you may have guessed that I’m Athleta obsessed, but I’m also an avid hater of sports bras. They’re horribly uncomfortable, at least for a women with a broad back courtesy of a fantastic pull ups program.  That’s why I freaking love the Athleta Beloved tank ($59). It has the best built-in bra I’ve ever seen, with removeable cups I’ll never remove (dem headlights). This tank won’t let the girls wander out and is super flattering. It’s a tad long and yoga-ish for my usual tastes but honestly the trade-off is worth it.

5. BlueBuds X Earbuds

BlueBuds X for wireless workout music

Blogging has its perks, and one of the best ones I ever received were my Bluebuds X wireless earbuds ($169).

Having wireless earbuds changed my gym experience exponentially – no more threading wires down my shirt and tucking my phone in my pants! In effect, I was freed… something rebel explorers like women lifters needs in spades. Plus Bluebuds come with three earbud sizes that, for the most part, stay in my ‘lil ears. Check out my review for more.

 6. Beastie Ball

Beastie ball

Another ball close to my heart (what!) is the Rumble Roller Beastie Ball ($24.95). I use the firm version to work out knots in my rear deltoid and calf, but use it anywhere on your body to decrease pain and increase range of motion.

You need a little fortitude to use a ball like this… I would start with a basic tennis ball and work up. This little weightlifting gift comes with a base to keep it from rolling. (See what else I have to say about self-massage.)

 7. Rubberbanditz Pull Up Bands

rubberbanditz pull up bands

Pull ups make the world go round. I consider myself to be something of a pull-ups queen and have almost all my clients doing them for a beautiful, strong back. Plus it’s just fun as hell lifitng your body through space using your own two hands.

I’m a huge proponent of using pull-up bands for certain clients and carry bands in different resistances for my low-intensity pulling days. I’ve relied on Rubberbanditz ($14-$25) for years because I trust this product never to break or fray – kinda important when you’re exhibiting serious badassery in da gymz.

8. Bottle Band

Bottle-Band If you follow me on Twitter you know that I’m an avid power walker. You’ve got to get your sweat on to see fierce muscle definition, you know. Since I’m also a lover of the outdoors, I use power walks as a quick way to get outside and get my heart pumping. The Bottle Band ($5.99) lets me pump my arms without throwing my water bottle across someone’s yard. You just tuck your bottle into the nonslip holder and go, go, GO.

 9. Cherry Hill Jazz Pant

Better bodies pant

Women who lift thrust, squat, pull, and squeeze ourselves silly in the gym and it’s all for a good cause: A booty that turns heads. Some of us were not-so-blessed with a flat butt that requires a good, constant beating. But with weightlifting we’re able to give our glutes a better shape.

The Cherry Hill Jazz Pant shows off your hard work with just the right contouring. Check out Better Bodies’ fabulous clothing line too (buy at bodybuilding.com).

10. Nike Kay Yow Elite Crew

Nike crew sock

Ok, any product that includes yow in the title has my stamp of approval. But I also love these socks because they protect my dainty shins during heavy deadlifts. And they look cool with the bold stripe on the back.

The Nike Kay Yow Elite Crew ($16) is a so-called basketball sock but we don’t care… we steal from other sports because ours is generally underserved.

Do you have any fabulous weightlifting gifts you’d like to share? I got a shopping itch all riled up now…

This article originally appeared on www.workoutnirvana.com.

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  1. A jacket that doesn’t feel like a straight jacket? Woo hoo! And the Beastie!! I’ve got to get one or two of those for the gym!

  2. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What great items AND I have love my Rumbleroller for years & now I LOVE the beastie tools!!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 57 recently posted..Gratitude Monday & Balance in LifeMy Profile

  3. I have a deep tissue massage ball on my Christmas list! Perfect for those little spots a foam roller can’t get to.
    Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout recently posted..Fitness in the FallMy Profile

  4. LOVE that gym bag! I’m like you. It’s gotta be big with lots of room for stuff. And be willing to take a beating as I haul it all over town!
    Hoping Santa brings you some great Xmas gifts 🙂
    Tamara recently posted..Prepare to succeed | Tips for overcoming your inner saboteurMy Profile

  5. Great list, Suzanne!!
    Jennifer recently posted..Holiday Gift Guide: Mobility EssentialsMy Profile

  6. I love your list and I tell you my blue tooth earphones were one of the best fitness gadgets I invested in for running and lifting. I may just put the beastie ball on my list.
    Jenn Speer recently posted..ET Full Moon 10k Race RecapMy Profile

  7. Great list! I love that Athleta bag!

  8. I really love the Athleta bag. But I am most curious about the beastie ball…

  9. My mom got me the Atheta gym bag for Xmas and I LOVE IT! Thanks for the suggestion. =)
    Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout recently posted..Welcome to the parsonageMy Profile

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