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online personal training
online personal training
OWN Your Results and Download My 7 Tips for a Sculpted Physique


"Suzanne reignited my passion for strength training and even inspired me to install a pull up bar at home! After 12 weeks of training I could clearly see changes in my body composition."
"I went from one unassisted pull up to eight and I'm squatting 85 lbs more than when I started. I've also lost 8% body fat! Healthier. Stronger. Leaner."
"The changes to my body have been incredible. I can’t recommend Suzanne enough!"
"My self confidence is the best it’s been. I’m able to try new things and exercises without fear of others’ opinions and walk with my head high, filled with self love."
"I have changed my workout style drastically, and after the first round of training found myself loving lifting more and more. I’ve seen great progress in a short time!"

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